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April-June 2022 | PUBLIC WALKS


SOCIOCULTURAL HYBRID SPACES | On foot, by bike, by scooter or by canoe

Architects registered with the Order of Milan will be able to receive 1 CFP per public walk, to be requested on the im @ teria platform

edited by the network of socio-cultural hybrid spaces


The project "Hybrid socio-cultural spaces and open cities" includes workshop days from 7-10 April, during which various moments of territorial animation will be organized, with walks and guided visits to the city districts (or NIL Nuclei of local identity) that have germinated hybrid spaces such as Stecca3 and ZONA K in the Isola district, Rob de Matt in Niguarda, Spirit de Milan in Bovisa, Casa degli Artisti in Brera, BASE Milano in the Savona-Tortona district, mare culturale urbano in San Siro, East River in the Turro district , Cascina Cuccagna in Porta Romana, Terzo Paesaggio in Chiaravalle ...

Between April and June 2022 3 public walks, 3 bike tours, on foot, by canoe will be organized. The public walks and guided tours will show the genius loci of the neighborhoods, the meeting spaces, the places of conflict, the public services present and the self-organized activities and services offered by the hybrid spaces.

The public walks will be accompanied by HYBRID AUDIO by ZONA K:
Creative audio guide that crosses the territory of Milan to discover the Sociocultural Hybrid Spaces that inhabit it. An electronic voice of a personal navigator will guide the listener on a journey in stages through those places - new, historical, adapted, rich in history, cultural, performative and social incubators - which are part of our urban horizon.


10 April 3 pm-7pm

# 01 NIL Isola-Dergano-Niguarda, Bovisa

Meeting at Stecca3 and BAM Park for the island bike tour in ZONA K, then towards Dergano and Bovisa passing through Nuovo Armenia and Scighera, then back in the saddle towards the swing citadel of Spirit de Milan, and again riding towards the former Paolo Pini psychiatric hospital, now a public park with Olinda… But it’s not over,  but it's not over, yes go back to Dergano because the party at Rob de matt awaits us! All told by Radio 20158 of Dergano.

Schermata 2022-04-09 alle 18.26.07.png

a cura​ di ZONA K

Saturday June 18 , 4.30 pm-7.30pm

# 02 NIL Nolo-Turro-Martesana

The meeting point is Eastriver, via Jean Jaurès 22, from 4 p.m.Meeting at 3:30 pm at Eastriver where it will be possible to rent bikes at the Eastriver cycle shop, for those who don't have one, and have a canoeing experience in the Naviglio Martesana, thanks to Canottieri San Cristoforo. At 16:30 Bike Tour #2 will start, where we will visit the Mercato Comunale Viale Monza with Polisocial and Radio Nolo, continue to Loreto (which in the future will be LOC-Loreto Open Community), arrive at Trotter Park to visit the Ex Convitto, today.... we will visit the Ponte Giallo/Anfiteatro Martesana cycle shop and arrive at Cascina Martesana for an aperitif.

SUNDAY June 19th , 4.30 pm-8pm

# 03 NIL Pta. Romana-Corvetto- Vettabbia- Chiaravalle

Sunglasses, mountain bikes, kites and 'scursarin' for baking... Yes, it's time to get out of the city! 
We will leave from Cascina Cuccagna, meeting at 16:00. We will continue towards the Municipal Market in Piazza Ferrara, Made in Corvetto, and then cycle towards the fields of the Vettabbia agricultural park cultivated by SoulFood Forestfarm/Cascinet. We will finally arrive at the village of Chiaravalle with a visit to the Abbey and to Terzo Paesaggio for a final toast.



From June 2022 

Thanks to the public meetings, the exchange of experiences during the workshop and urban walks in Milan, the curators of the project "Hybrid socio-cultural spaces and open cities" are available to support possible new walks in Milan and which can be replicated in a second phase of the project. with other realities, even in Berlin, Amsterdam, but also Rome, Turin, Brescia, Bergamo, Brescia, Genova, Parma, Roma, Torino, Venezia…

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Edited by: 



in collaboration with: 

BASE Milano

Casa degli artisti 

mare culturale urbano

Spirit de Milan 

Terzo paesaggio


and the informal network Hybrid socio-cultural spaceMilan*


With the contribution of :

Fondazione Cariplo

With the support of:

Consulate of the Netherlands in Milan
General Consulate of the Federal Republic of Germany 

Patronage of:

Municipality of Milan 
OAPPC_ Order of Architects, Planners, Landscape Architects and Conservators of the Province of Milan

Scientific partners: 

DAStU Politecnico di Milano 

In collaboration with European projects: 

COST Action CA18214

CORAL_Exploring the impacts of collaborative workspaces in rural and peripheral areas in the EU


Cultural partners: 

Bureau Broedplaatsen Geemente Amsterdam (NL)


ExSA Bergamo 

FHS_ Fondazione Housing Sociale

Fondazione Ordine degli Architetti, Pianificatori, Paesaggisti e Conservatori della Provincia di Milano

Fondazione Fitzcarraldo 

Urbane Praxis(D)

Line Culture 

Lo Stato dei Luoghi 

raumlaborberlin (D)

Rete Case del quartiere, Torino

ZUsammenKUNFT Berlin eG (D) 


Media Partners:

PPAN comunicazione e networking



Tecnical partners:


Radio 20158


* The informal network SOCIOCULTURAL HYBRID SPACES Milan was started in 2021 by: BASE Milano, Canottieri San Cristoforo mare culturale urbano Food hub, Casa degli artisti, Cascina Cuccagna, Cascina Martesana, Cascina Merlata-mare culturale urbano Food hub, Cascinet, ciclof cina Pontegiallo, circolo Arci Bellezza, circolo Arci Biko, East River, Giardino Comunitario Lea Garofalo, il Cinemino, il Cortile delle Associazioni Niguarda, Lab barona- Repair cafè, la Scighera, mare culturale urbano, Nuovo Armenia, Olinda, Redo Santa Giulia-mare culturale urbano Food hub, Rob de Matt, SoulFood Forestfarms, Stecca3, Spirit de Milan, Terzo Paesaggio, ZONA K.

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